Product Description

As the technology of wireless tapping technology develops, the performance of wireless signal detector is also being promoted. Are you still looking for one kind of professional portable wireless signal detector that combined the handheld compact design and the strong detecting ability? If so this Professional Portable Wireless Signal Detector Cellphone Signal Detector you are viewing here just can meet your meets and brings you convenient use.

Firstly, this professional portable wireless signal detector is designed with the convenient portable style so that you can take wherever you go and you can use it anytime you want. And also this professional portable wireless signal detector owns the strong ability of detecting and locating the position of the hidden wireless tapping device though locking all electromagnetic waves. Ultra wide frequency range response and detecting regulation range, as well as high precision regulation with 60 levels, useful portable cellphone signal detector can meet different environment.Besides, this useful portable cellphone signal detector owns variety of detecting modes which are available to different confidential conferment application. And the detecting mode selection includes the cellphone lockers function, inside designed with different frequency bands.

This professional portable wireless signal detector allows people to operate simultaneously the global mobile phone network. Thus you can also select the detecting frequency bands that you need to detecting, one band, two bands or all the bands according to your need, and if you use the cell phone lock mode at the same time, then the frequency bands you selected will be blocked as well. Despite strong detecting ability and wide working signals range, this professional portable wireless signal detector also built in with lithium battery, ultra long stand-by design. For more details and specifications of this professional portable wireless signal detector you can just have a look at the following specifications.


  • Ultra sensitivity Detecting some weak signals up to -70dbm ( named as weak signals ).
  • Ultra wide frequency range response and detecting regulation range (60db is equal to be 1 milliton times ), as well as high precision regulation with 60 levels. to meet different environments.
  • Handheld compact communication terminal mode case design. Humanized design concept on the selection of the function buttons and lights.Fashionable and good looking. Easy to operate and carry.
  • Variety of detecting modes are available to differrent confidential conference application.
  • Detecting mode selection including the cellphone lockers function, inside designed with different frequency bands It allows to operate simultaneously or separately interfere the global mobile phone network.
  • Built-in with lithium battery, Ultra long stand-by design.
  • With two charging status display, easy to differentiate.
  • Battery Level Indication. With three status: Full charged, Half power, Low battery warning. Easy to use.
  • Built-in speaker. Headphone design easier for your detection even in a covert or noisy environment.


  • Keep secret in business negotiations and contract signed;
  • Check if there is wireless cameras in the restaurants, hotels , public toilets, swimming pools , dressing room, etc;
  • Protect Military or government buildings’ confidentiality;
  • Avoid being photographed in companies, factories , cinemas or art galleries to prevent head shot;
  • To protect personal privacy in the private spaces (Such as home).


  • Detecting Frequency Range: 20-5000MHz
  • Detecting Sensitivity: -70dBm
  • Dynamic range: 70 dBm
  • Sensitivity regulated range: 60db,1dB
  • Cellphone Locking range: up to 10M, still determined by local signal stregnth.
  • Standby time: More than 40 days.
  • Detecting Mode working time: 15 hours
  • Cellphone Locker Mode working time: 3 hours.
  • Screen display range: 10 db
  • Display resolution: 1dB
  • Cellphone Locker frequency bands: GSM 900/ CDMA 850 /DCS 1800/3G 2100/4G 700/4G 2600
  • Work Mode: 6 types of Modes
  • Size: 138*74* 23mm
  • Device weight: 154g


  • Professional RF Detector
  • Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Headset volume adjustable


Important Notes for Jamming Distance: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer’s reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

Important Notes for Portable Jammers with No Cooling Fan: Do not use the jammer when it is charging, or it will burn the jammer as it has no built-in fan. If because of this factor due to the broken of the jammer, the customer will lose the authority of free repairation .

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